Why us?

LMB Marketing Solutions can serve as your full-service marketing and strategic planning and outreach team, or as an extension of your in-house department. We manage everything from pure marketing efforts and projects and events to corporate engagement and strategic planning in healthcare and non-healthcare organizations. As a smaller firm, we have the flexibility to step in and provide just the assistance you need, when you need it, and within your budget.

How we engage

  • Collaborators – Your most valuable assets are the people running your organization. As your outsourced solutions partner, we engage and remain engaged with departmental staff as peers, while guiding in a leadership capacity when called upon
  • Trusted partners – You trust us not only to respect and hold close all this is proprietary but also to fulfill our commitment. We do both exceedingly well.
  • In-house experts – We learn your business not only through vetted and exhaustive market intelligence and industry experience, but thoroughly picking the brains of key people inside your organization.
  • Solutions providers – From integrated marketing and project management to corporate engagement efforts.

And with LMB Marketing Solutions, you get specialized expertise often unavailable internally or from most larger firms. Our team of senior-level marketing, advertising and PR professionals gives you direct access to top talent with decades of experience. That means you avoid a steep learning curve, and can elevate your marketing program – quickly.

Among the most unique marketing approaches in all of healthcare

Our consultative approach is time tested and proven. We go far beyond everyday agencies or management consulting firms by creating an integrated plan built around the core of your business and what makes you unique. We get in the trenches with you – – onsite, on location and in the field and provide project management services and become part of your team if needed to see the project through. We are your trusted resource.

The Advantage

Here’s what LMB Marketing Solutions is bringing to the table as an independent firm.
Complementing in-house marketing teams

  • We fill a gap for companies without senior-level marketing leadership.
  • We strengthen any organization’s marketing assets, optimizing their budget to ensure marketing dollars work faster, harder and farther.
  • We become part of your team, working cross-functionally within your organization.
  • We work side-by-side anyone you choose while respecting your culture.
  • We have the rare ability to work in a matrix organization with multiple layers of workers and managers. This ensures projects get done while avoiding the usual “politics” of in-house project management.

Becoming an integral part of marketing efforts
Every client we serve tells us we are the trusted face of their business on the outside, and a trusted advisor on the inside.


Dr. Lou Turchetta, founder and president of behavioral health practice, Strategic Psychological Services

“Lisa keeps us centered and honest and on track. For too long we just kept talking about the need to improve our referral and tracking process, outbound referral communications and overall digital presence. Within short order, we had an unbelievably engaging and effective website up and running and referrals starting to happen. I look forward to my weekly marketing meetings because Lisa comes in and takes charge, snapping us into focus and adding clarity and purpose to every task, every project and seeing results week after week. Her positivity was infectious.”

Suresh Vishnubhatla, executive vice president, long-term care operations, Pharmerica

“Healthcare is constantly changing and evolving. A lot of non-direct to consumer companies can’t afford to have the kind of skilled marketing organization that brings together all of the different resources – from strategic to digital to advertising and messaging, and that’s why those like us choose an outsourced model. There are certain skills we don’t have internally, and certain skills where we might not have the bandwidth to be able to do what LMB is so skilled at doing.”