LMB Marketing Solutions serves companies of all sizes and industries in either complementary or full-service capacities, adding much needed, quality expertise and resources. In myriad sectors of the healthcare marketplace, our experience is as wide as it is deep.

Whether start-ups or established firms, small or large, LMB Marketing Solutions brings its experience to bear with virtually every healthcare sector – from long term care, physician groups, insurers and pharmacy providers to distributors and wholesalers.

From standalones and regional/national chains and from post-acute care skilled nursing to the rapidly expanding markets of assisted living, our experience is unmatched. We are the communications partner of choice for leading aging services and health care organizations. We anticipate and understand the communications and education goals of the aging and healthcare network and to help our clients achieve these goals by providing innovative solutions that inform, motivate and empower.

An unprecedented transformation in these sectors is unfolding. The resulting explosion of elders needing long-term care is now allowing us to prove our mettle with the burgeoning senior living industry. For many providers, their very survival depends on reaching this ever growing, ever evolving, well-informed and socially aware audience. Competition to reach these new customers has never been more intense, and the noise levels bombarding these important decision makers never more overwhelming.

We get it. And we know how to connect these companies and their new customers in ways that are as best in practice as they are outside-the-box.

Integrated Communications

The most effective marketing services today don’t operate out of a silo. Rather, integrated marketing marshals all tactical and strategic activities, from conventional to cutting edge, to quickly turn challenges into opportunities.

Our experience, skill, talent and extensive network of marketing resources is capable of propelling clients of all sizes and types forward by years in a matter of months in an incredibly cost effective manner to help establish them as viable competitors on a level playing field.

We do this through a nimble, flexible and holistic consultative approach that begins with ground-up learning of your business and the sector in which it operates to conceiving and full executing a customized, sustainable roadmap that fits your firm’s internal capabilities.

Strategy – Brand positioning and strategic planning
Creative – Strategically aligned creative platform, testing and production
Media – Research, media planning, purchasing, paid search and optimization
Social Media – Monitoring, content strategy and community management
Interactive – Web strategy, development and execution
Digital Marketing – Analytics, lead nurturing and content marketing
Publicity – Media relations, community relations and public affairs
Events – Turnkey strategic planning, execution and management of corporate events

Engagement & Referral Management

Many small to medium-size companies invest the lion’s share of their revenues to building a customer base and increasing referrals. So it’s only natural that attracting, managing and retaining it are mission critical.

In today’s highly competitive world, market intelligence not only requires an ear to the ground, but the ability to see far and wide to find the best solutions to build and grow new business. We are experts at both.

  • Physician referrals
  • Key stakeholder referrals
  • Customer retention
  • CRM & sales automation
  • Lead nurturing & development
  • Competitive intelligence

Business & Project Management

Any company is good a devising projects of all kinds. Conception is easy. Execution often isn’t without the right kind of expertise and commitment. All too often, so many corporate level projects wither on the vine because staff resources are stretched, bigger priorities come into play, and staff interest simply wanes. That doesn’t diminish the value of so many well-conceived projects. It just neglects it.

We are proven project management experts. Our clients rely on us to not only manage their projects, but trust we will fully execute and follow up.

  • Rebranding/mergers/acquisitions
  • Managing strategic initiatives
  • Recovering troubled projects
  • Filling skill set gaps
  • Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity