Our Successes

LMB Marketing has repositioned and rebranded organizations with successful integrated marketing initiatives, public relations campaigns, referral management programs, corporate events and much more while developing lasting partnerships.

We’ve worked with some of the leading healthcare organizations nationally, from smaller start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of size, our unique approach delivers clients consistent results.

Client: Various

  • Watch the video now from PharMerica’s 2016 LTC education symposium, you’ll hear about the engaging discussions that took place, topical issues discussed as well as feedback from participants.
  • LMB Marketing has earned a reputation for its turnkey planning, executing and managing corporate events from trade shows to regional and national conferences – performing every task from sourcing and reserving premium venues and enlisting industry-leading speakers to coordinating registrations, post-event follow-ups and managing meeting logistics beginning to end.
  • In a post-event survey of PharMerica’s 2016 LTC educational Symposium, attendees reported near-perfect scores of major metrics, including quality of speakers, panel discussions and numbers of continuing education credits. Nearly 90% of attendees said they left the Symposium better prepared to meet future post-acute and long-term care industry challenges.

Client: PharMerica Corporation

PharMerica Corporation is a Fortune 1000 publicly traded institutional pharmacy provider that operates approximately 103 institutional and specialty infusion pharmacies in 45 states that serve long-term care facilities. PharMerica fills approximately 40 million prescriptions annually and generates nearly $2 billion in annual revenue.


PharMerica remained relatively unknown in the industry and, what recognition it did have was associated with prior leadership. Also, PharMerica was facing unprecedented competition and needed new ways to stand out from the crowd and communicate positive outcomes to key stakeholders including how to differentiate themselves with large chain skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, hospitals and other institutional care settings.


An integrated campaign that would drive awareness of PharMerica and its value propositions, and generate leads.

Results: brand conversion

  • Through an integrated campaign including media, social media, digital, print, publicity, customer retention events and a leadership webinar series, LMB Marketing Solutions increased visibility of PharMerica and awareness of who the company is today. In addition, the campaign positioned the company and its leadership as experts and made clear the distinctions between PharMerica and its biggest competitor, leading viewers to perceive PharMerica as the better choice.
  • 2017 Perception Survey – An independent perception study polled 10,000 McKnight’s Long Term Care News readers and found with respect to its competitors, PharMerica’s advertisement campaign scored 42% higher in its overall effectiveness.

Bob McKay, senior vice president, purchasing, trade relations and marketing, Pharmerica

“We do know for certain that our name recognition has risen over the two-plus years of doing this, and that we have become more top-of-mind in our industry among the nursing homes. Lisa has done a great job with event planning and flawlessly executed our annual meeting to one that is today covered by the media and viewed as very exclusive and professional. This event has helped us tremendously because it gives a way for our executive team to meet many key clients in one single setting. It has helped create a very tight bond and relationship between us and many key customers. She knew exactly what our CEO and I wanted.“


Westview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

West View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a family owned and operated skilled nursing facility that provides long-term care and rehabilitation services.  The facility has been providing outstanding and consistent quality care since 1978.


  • Number of referrals from hospital-based institutions and community for short-term and long term rehabilitation services was on the decline
  • Lacked on-line presence


Develop and execute a targeted integrated marketing campaign to highlight West View’s clinical care outcomes and to bridge communications between all stakeholders including physicians, hospital administrators, case managers, assisted living facilities, senior centers and caregivers.


An integrated outreach campaign that leveraged data to identify which physicians and hospital systems to target influencing preferred provider networks and bundled payment programs resulting in:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased rehab referrals
  • Increased engagement with all key stakeholders
  • Enhanced West View’s on-line presence by cultivating relationships with targeted audiences via all social media platforms
  • Positioned the company for growth and as thought leader

Client: Onco360

Onco360, one of the nation’s largest independent providers of oncology pharmacy services.


The company’s previous name, OncoMed, lacked a protected brand and identity, creating risk to the company’s brand value, intellectual property and other intangible assets. In addition, the company was in the process of broadening its beyond simply dispensing to become the most comprehensive pharmacy and clinical support services organization.


A comprehensive name change rollout and rebranding to strengthen the company’s brand and better position the organization for growth

Results: changing brand perception

The name change required extensive communication to all key stakeholders, including patients, oncologists, hospitals, payers, manufactures and the community at large. An integrated outreach campaign resulted in:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased engagement of all key stakeholders
  • Increased physician referrals
  • Positioning the company for growth


Client: Strategic Psychological Services (SPS)

SPS is a full-service, multi-disciplinary practice offering comprehensive behavioral health services – all in one practice. SPS offers adult, child, marriage, and family counseling as well as diagnostic mental health assessments and consultations.


  • As a start-up, SPS had no name recognition in the market, and needed to establish and solidify relationships among healthcare referral sources to grow the business and build brand recognition
  • Needed a real-time system to track referrals and improve communications with referral sources
  • Lacked on-line presence


To build brand awareness through the execution of a high impact, integrated marketing and strategic business plan that would expedite referrals from physicians, group practices, hospital systems, school systems and online.


Used data-drive metrics to develop a referral tracking system, communications protocol and an integrated marketing campaign identifying key referral sources resulting in:

  • Improved patient access through a continuous exchange of pertinent information between providers
  • Increased engagement of all key stakeholders
  • Strong and consistent online presence
  • Increased referrals by 50% in less than 15 months
  • Increased the company’s website traffic to 3.5% from 0.5%.
  • Positioned the company for growth

Dr. Lou Turchetta, founder and president of behavioral health practice, Strategic Psychological Services

“Working with behavioral health may have been new territory for LMB. But they approached it with zeal and determination to learn this sector. They did an incredible amount of analysis and research in a short period of time in order to understand this relatively complex industry. LMB assessed our competition and identified key referral sources and helped us build solid relationships. Best of all, they rolled up their sleeves and worked alongside us to get things done.”