Healthcare is changing. Be prepared.

The brave new business of healthcare marketing.

Government rules and regulations have never been more onerous. Reimbursement and cost pressures have never been more painful. Business models and partnerships have never been more complex.

Add to the mix the Internet. As much as it has transformed our world and opened up libraries of knowledge and ideas, it also has expanded our spheres of opportunity and influence thanks to the power of social media.

In this backdrop, top-tier, in-house marketing expertise and market intelligence have never been more critical. Yet for so many mid- to small-size firms, it simply isn’t feasible or affordable.

The industry today has never had to confront issues more pressing, demands more needy, risks more costly or challenges more difficult. The world of business, of healthcare, has never been more complex and fragmented. Like sand, it’s shifting under your feet every second. Care models are morphing and shifting, data has become transformative, and lines of the continuum more blurred.

We have the solution. An outsourced healthcare marketing firm.

Why Outsource?

In the midst of all this chaos, companies and organizations need to develop, nurture, protect and promote their uniqueness. Their identity. Their brand. Their ability to stand out in this ever crowded world of players, payers, entities and decision makers. This is work not for the faint of heart or unenlightened. The job requires a deep understanding of workflows, engagement and technology, as well as a deep and profound respect for the power of data analytics and information sharing.[1] The ability to know who to invite and when to bring them to the table.

With start-ups and smaller firms, often in-house staff are focusing on mission critical operational problems that are happening now and can’t focus on the importance of building out a strategic integrated marketing plan that will support the business in the long-term.

What happens when clients begin leaving, or new competitors emerge, or government rules and regulations leave you stymied? And even when marketing or PR agencies are engaged, they’re often left with uninspired, cookie cutter fixes that really don’t dig down to reach the DNA-level of each very unique business. As a result, projects are sometimes left incomplete, delayed or worse, underwhelming. In other cases, the work simply doesn’t get done.

In many ways, it’s a classic make-buy decision. If businesses lack the time, the talent or the manpower, to grow their own team, outsourcing the work of marketing to a strong, smart, experienced, energetic and talented company is needed.

In short, outsourcing works when your company:

  • Can’t afford a full-time staff.
  • Requires skills far superior to what is in-house.
  • Needs quality, consistency and predictability.

[1] Source: NaviHealth, Inc., 2016


Gary Minassian, administrator and owner, Crestwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

“The benefit LMB provides because of the competition in the industry alone is invaluable to me –starting with analyzing and using real data to drive my strategic plan effectively reaching the right stakeholders with the appropriate messaging. That’s where this kind of outsourced approach works well. It’s given me objectivity and perspective while building stronger relationships within the community.

Bob McKay, senior vice president, purchasing, trade relations and marketing, PharMerica

“Healthcare stakeholders don’t do a very good job of explaining their value. It takes someone who’s worked in it to help articulate that value and explain the differentiation. LMB is a force multiplier. I can bring LMB in if we have a mid-tier or high-tier level marketing project that’s stalled and in very short order, she quickly brings it to fruition or shows our in-house staff what and how to do it.”